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As the baby boomers are getting older, they are opting for in-home elder care services, rather than shifting in the nursing homes and elder living communities. The reason for availing senior care at home is that it is more affordable than living in the assisted facility. The elders get the personal assistance and services that they need by staying at their own homes.

There are two types of in-home services for elders. One is the in-home elder care services, and the other one is the in-home elder healthcare services. In-home elder care services provider provides a professional caretaker, who helps the elders in daily routine tasks such as cleaning, bathing, housekeeping, dressing, cooking, and driving. The caregiver who stays at home for senior care visits the house daily for a few hours and assists the senior in household tasks. So do not stay home for your care.

While, in-home elder health care services provider provides a professional caretaker who stays at home for senior care and inspects the medical status of the elders, such as blood pressure, sugar level, heart rate and also tracks the medications and medical appointments. However, the professional caretakers who provide senior healthcare at home visit the place for a relatively short period than the caregivers appointed for in-home elder care services. The cost of availing in-home elder healthcare services is quite more than the cost of availing in-home elder care services.

Nowadays, seniors are opting for in-home elder care services as the services are much more affordable and they can rely on the caretakers, in case, anything serious comes up. Some families choose to look after the elder people themselves, but it is better to hire a professional caregiver for senior care at home, as the family members might not have such experience and knowledge as them.